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OUR PRODUCTS (Ingredients – Certification)

Our products are tested and certified and do not contain: parabens, mineral oil, silicone, SLS/SLES, PEG, PPG, preservatives, artificial colourants, fragrances or alcohol. They contain natural active ingredients and natural functional extracts that deeply moisturise the skin.
Designed to ensure a unique sensory experience that will stimulate, reawaken and revitalise your skin, our products are of the highest quality and will take you on a harmonious journey during which you will indulge and pamper your skin as part of your daily routine.
Formulation, consistency and nourishment find their utmost expression in a texture designed to suit any skin type. The concentrated ingredients cleanse, moisturise and aesthetically improve the skin, leaving you with a feeling of well-being.
The fragrances reflect the harmonious blends of natural ingredients and are suitable for the most delicate and sensitive of skin types.
The synergy of active ingredients is enclosed in certified packaging that respects the highest European-Certified standards for the preservation of natural and organic products. The result is an excellent balance between functionality, practicality and elegance, ensuring the unbeatable quality of every House of Rocem product.

HOR Products

The 3R Line

Our customers’ needs were at the forefront of creating the 3R Line. This product line is composed of five key elements used to target the face and neck; created to naturally enhance and refine the skin.
The common factor in all our products is the 100% carefully selected natural, raw ingredients.Their gentle action hydrates and promotes cellular regeneration, re-establishing the lipid balance and contributing to the reduction of unwanted effects, such as: dermatitis (scaling and itching), scratches, ingrown hairs, reddening, and acne.

Principal Natural Ingredients

Mango Butter: Fights premature aging and protects against free radicals.
Oil of Red Vine Seeds: Restorative due to its marked antioxidant properties.  Renews dry, dehydrated and tired skin.
Rice Bran Oil: Protects against irritation and reddening.
Carrot Oil: Has excellent reparatory and protective properties.
Apricot Oil: An antioxidant that enhances skin elasticity.
Avocado Oil: Contains fatty acids that stimulate collagen synthesis.
Vitamin E: An excellent antioxidant that slows photo-aging and reinvigorates the skin.
Calendula Extract: Has a marked soothing effect and protects the skin from sun damage.
Essential Aromatic Oils: Natural fragrances that awaken the senses