About us

House of Rocem: Rich, Organic Cosmetics Expertly Made

 Welcome to the revolution of organic and natural skincare products. House of Rocem is an authentic, unique and independent brand. In addition to providing skincare, our concept involves ensuring that the harmonious sensations of our natural products, inspired by colour, therapeutic properties and natural fragrances from the plant world, can be discovered end enjoyed by a wide range of well-informed audiences of every age, ethnicity and sex.

We pride ourselves on providing concrete solutions to the increasing demands of modern society and its frenetic pace. We are helping in the fight against pollution and environmental stressors which cause free radicals and dehydration that lead to premature aging of the skin.

The quest begins with research into natural and organic ancient remedies.  From there, the ingredients, both known and unknown to the modern world, can be used to improve skin conditions such as: flaking and itching, cracking, inflammation of hair follicles post depilation, sensitive skin prone to redness, and acne.

Our ethics are reflected in our passionate and accurate selection of precious, rare and exotic ingredients from Africa, America, Asia and Europe. Our ingredients are sourced and processed sustainably with the utmost respect and love for the environment.

Thorough research into the origin, properties and benefits of our ingredients is what distinguishes us and our range of products. Our desire to prevent, nurture and improve skin elasticity and hydration with natural and organic products and to restore the skin to its natural state, makes us an ideal partner brand.

( Elizabeth Oladele, Founder of House of Rocem) 


Our Mission

The common denominator of all our formulas is the guarantee of using only carefully selected natural raw materials.

OUR PRODUCTS (Ingredients – Certification)

Our products are tested and certified and do not contain: parabens, mineral oil, silicone, SLS/SLES, PEG, PPG, preservatives, artificial colourants, fragrances or alcohol. They contain natural active ingredients and natural functional extracts that deeply moisturise the skin.

Designed to ensure a unique sensory experience that will stimulate, reawaken and revitalise your skin, our products are of the highest quality and will take you on a harmonious journey during which you will indulge and pamper your skin as part of your daily routine.

Formulation, consistency and nourishment find their utmost expression in a texture designed to suit any skin type. The concentrated ingredients cleanse, moisturise and aesthetically improve the skin, leaving you with a feeling of well-being.

The fragrances reflect the harmonious blends of natural ingredients and are suitable for the most delicate and sensitive of skin types.

The synergy of active ingredients is enclosed in certified packaging that respects the highest European-Certified standards for the preservation of natural and organic products. The result is an excellent balance between functionality, practicality and elegance, ensuring the unbeatable quality of every House of Rocem product.

(Elizabeth Oladele, Founder of House of Rocem)